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  • Name: EPS motor – 76 diameter series
  • Added Time: 2014-06-12
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Engaging in research & development and production of EPS motor in 2003, our company now has become a supplier of brushed EPS motor series with the most complete specifications in the world and a brushed EPS motor supplier in China that has supplied the largest quantity of products. Currently we have an annual production capacity of 2.6 million sets of apparatus and are expected to have an annual output of 3.9 million sets by the year 2016. Larger power range and a diverse range of length and external diameter will make it possible for us to satisfy the installation of various spaces. Mature product design and powerful technical strength not only allow our products to have a higher output power, but also invest them with such advantages as high reliability, long service life, low noise, low tooth fluctuation, low frictional damping, low torque fluctuation, low vibration, accurate symmetry and standards of sealing to adapt to various technical indicators. Thanks to our mature technology, the most professional modern production equipment in China and Nidec’s rigorous management, our products are ensured of excellent quality.

Mature product technology, meticulous production management and continuously optimized cost control capability enable us to provide our customers with the most competitive products.

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