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The EPS Supplier Conference was held in 2014.


Our company held the EPS Supplier Conference on May 8, 2014.
President Wang first gave a speech entitled “Bring about a Brilliant Future for EPS Motor by Seizing Opportunity and Achieving Win-Win Outcome through Cooperation” at the conference. The speech gave an introduction of EPS motor and explained the development orientation and the capacity planning of our company. Besides, existing problems in terms of quality, cost and delivery time as well as the objective and requirements of our company were put forward. Lastly, analysis of our competitors and our advantages were being introduced.

Head of Quality Assurance Department and head of Production Management Department also addressed the conference, introducing the current situation of our company and rewarding the excellent suppliers.

We would like to, by holding this conference, to expect Nidec Kaiyu and all our suppliers to work in concerted effort and firm confidence to seize this valuable opportunity of development. In the future, we shall make joint efforts to overcome all obstacles and bring about a brilliant future for our ESP cause.

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